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Welcome to Corsair! The CS LAMP Model Forge

This server was built to provide users stable and secure access to emerging web technologies.

It provides each of it's user's with an independent, configurable, self-contained server environment.

Currently corsair provides each user with an http server, a java servlet and jsp server, access to a shared database installation, as well as secure console and file access.

Design Components include:

  • Apache 2.2.34: A single shared set of binaries with each user running their own instance, using their own configuration. User's also have access to their own log files and debuging information. Users may stop, start, and query their server instance using Apache's standard control script: apacectl
  • PHP 5.6.40: PHP enabled for FTP, IMAP, MySQL, gettext, and gd. PHP 5.6.40 is in testing with a goal of allowing each user to utilize modules of their choice through PHP's pear component framework and distribution system.
  • MySQL: MySQL version 5.5.64 (MariaDB) configured to allow each user with their own database. This installation is limited primarily in that access is only allowed from the local host.
  • SSH: Secure Shell access is provided using OpenSSH's 4.3 release, allowing only ssh V2 protocol.

Future Plans??

TBD. Suggestions?

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